What Makes Wellding Experts

Why Choose Us as Your Wellders?

1. Mathematical Skills

When it comes to welding having good math skills is something that can takes you from a good welder to an excellent welder. This is because it makes it easiear to read blueprints, understanding diagrams and having the skills of understaning the overall duties.

2. Attention to Detail

Having a good eye for attention to detail is something that can take you from a acceptable welder to a Excellent Welder. This is because you will be able to identify the best places to target strong joints and performing the best welding job you can possiblitly do.

3. Steady Hands and Good Hand-Eye Coordination

It is very important to have a steady hand while at the same time have a good hand to eye coordination. This is important and can take very long to develop and master. This is normal as long as you are able to persist and improve your skills and craft.

4. Physical Strength and Endurance 

Welding can be a physically taxing job, which is why being strong and able to endure some difficult workplace conditions is a great skill to have. Depending on your job, you may need to lift a considerable weight and pick up objects that could weigh to 50 to 100 lbs or even more. 

5. The Ability to Always Learn New Things 

Above all else, the willingness and ability to learn is important as a welder, particularly when you’re starting out as an apprentice welder or in trade school. 

Welding technology is always changing, and the best practices for welding often change, too. To be a great welder, you need to be willing to learn new things when you’re just starting out – and it’s also best to continue to train and learn more through professional development courses later in your career, too.

6. Good Communication and Teamwork Abilities 

While welders may work on individual workpieces alone, most welding projects are part of a larger whole, and it’s very important to be a team player, and to be able to properly communicate with other members of your team, your supervisors, and anyone else in the factory or job site.

Jamac Technological Industries was formed in 2004 by James Birkenfield and Peter Cattell who saw the opportunity and necessity to enter an already congested market segment in the engineering supply chain.

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