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You might be asking, what Makes a good quality tool?

Perhaps more importantly you are thinking why does it even matters, I mean, most tools are the same, right?

If you’re a craftsman of any kind, if it’s a hobby and especially if it’s your livelihood, you know well that all tools are not created equally, and that a good tool effects both the end product and the ease and flow of the process taken to create that product.

Having learned this the hard way, I am tickled when customers tell me with surprise, “I had no idea this working project could be so easy,” or “I can’t believe I used to use that cheap tool….”

So, for those of you don’t already know the joys of working with a quality tool, and who might want a little more detail on the subject, this article is for you.

Jamac Technological Industries was formed in 2004 by James Birkenfield and Peter Cattell who saw the opportunity and necessity to enter an already congested market segment in the engineering supply chain.

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