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Hitachi has often been called the General Electric of Japan, and the Hitachi management is proud of the association. There are, in fact, quite a few similarities. General Electric is larger than Hitachi, but not significantly. Hitachi has 151 offices in 39 countries and operates 106 factories which manufacture 40,000 different products. The company has 486 subsidiaries and over 1,000 affiliates, making it one of the world’s 30 largest conglomerates. General Electric’s and Hitachi’s revenues are also close, both around the $30 billion mark. Moreover, Hitachi has imitated General Electric in technological and management training areas.


Makita is one of the brand leaders in power tools in the Southern Africa region. The reputation of high quality, new technology, durability and service back-up are major reasons for its success. With 100 years of experience in advanced motor design, Makita applies the latest innovation to engineer and manufacture top class power tools. Makita Power Tools have high power and less weight, and are very compact and efficient. At jobsites around the world, professional users are getting the new and gearing-up with Makita. Makita offers more solutions for the professional trade.


In the course of restructuring measures, the Metabo group acquired Elektra Beckum in 1999, a company from Meppen in Northern Germany. Combined with the takeover of two other (woodworking) machine manufacturers, this briefly made Metabo the second largest producer of stationary woodworking machines in the world.

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