About Jamac Technological Industries

Jamac Technological Industries was formed in 2004 by James Birkenfield and Peter Cattell who saw the opportunity and necessity to enter an already congested market segment in the engineering supply chain.

Both James and Peter come from the corporate world with approximately 35 years in sales, warehousing and procurement management between them at that level. This has given them the skill set and the expertise to handle any type of business, irrespective of the size ideology, from small start-ups to large multi-million rand companies. We have and still do, deal with them all.

Whilst we understand the value of your Rand in today's economy, we also understand the value of your reputation and ours. With that in mind, we have carefully chosen suppliers and partners that have proven themselves nationally and internationally. Our focus is on quality products at the right price with the best possible delivery service and after-sales back up.